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Demons District Schools Return for 2021

Monday, February 8, 2021 - 1:53 PM


The WAFC Metro Central region would like to wish all students starting their first day of school for 2021 all the very best.

There is currently 63 Primary and 19 Secondary Schools within the Perth zone, with a majority involved in intra school and interschool football competitions and programs.

WAFC Perth District Development Officer Gabby Simmonds said “We’re thrilled to see the kids return to school within the Perth District. I’m looking forward to working with school teachers and football ambassadors to promote our great game in schools”.

The WAFC District staff have been preparing for the return to schools throughout January, and already have in place a number assembly visits and after school programs to support the transition to community club participation.

All eyes are set on the Junior Registration weekend on 20th-21st of February, and throughout March as we gear up for the 2021 Junior Season.

If you would like to Play Footy, or would like to know more information accessing schools. Please contact District Development Officer Gabby Simmonds on 0435806657 or

More information can be accessed here -